Tuesday 14 February 2017

Choosing between Mobile App Development and Mobile Website Development

Both a mobile application and a mobile website have the same purpose, to entertain users coming from a mobile device. If you are planning to make your business more mobile-friendly, these are the two options available. Many businesses already have websites and want to develop a mobile strategy to manage better the traffic coming from mobile platforms. They can either get a mobile website or a mobile app, depending on requirements. To understand which option is better for your business, you must first understand the difference between these two. Most mobile app development companies offer mobile website services as well.
Mobile Website
A mobile website is a mobile-friendly version of your website that works nicely on any device and screen-size. The development of a mobile website is much easier than developing a mobile app. A professional Mobile website development company can easily design a mobile version of your existing website, or you can make your website mobile responsive, which is an even easier thing to do.
Mobile App
A mobile app is an alternative way to offer your services and products to the users coming from mobile devices. Mobile apps have to be installed separately in order to use them; they cannot be accessed through mobile browsers. A mobile application only works on its compatible mobile device.

How to choose?
In order to choose between developing a mobile app or a mobile website, one needs to consider many things, such as the purpose, the overall cost of development, design structure, maintenance and support, performance, user experience, and time frame. You must also understand various differences between an app and a mobile site so that you can decide which option would be the best for your users. Take help or hire the services of mobile app development companies to get the task done.
A mobile app is faster, usually more expensive, more interactive and well-optimized. It can have phone specific features like camera, location, etc. Some mobile apps can even work offline after retrieving data the first time. A mobile app can be easily monetized.
On the other hand, a mobile website offers exactly same features as the desktop version.The option is recommended if you are targeting a big audiencethat prefers not installing separate apps for every service.


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