Tuesday 6 December 2016

Top 5 Things You Should Know About Joomla

The award-winning content management system Joomla is used by over 50 million sites and has an active community. Good things of the prime choice of CMS developers are highlighted in this blog.  The potential feature of a Joomla website development company can be seen by the fact that the CMS is still enduring and having its share of good things. Here are top 5 things you probably not know that makes Joomla the most commonly used CMS from past 6 years.

  • Edit on the go:  There are a variety of extensions come with this software that allows editing and managing the website on the phone. This feature makes Joomla the second most popular CMS after Wordpress.

  • Features for extra income:  Creating a blogging website with help of Wordpress Development Services can help you market your business just with your content, but with Joomla it’s easy to integrate ads and affiliates on your website for that extra income. Select the code, paste it into your website and you are all set to get something more from your website.

  • Communication becomes easy with Joomla: Features for extra income: In this mobile-ready world, where voice search and video calls are on rise, getting in touch with a Joomla website development company is the best thing a business owner can do. Joomla comes with functionality for all types of communication which includes feedbacks from live chat and video conference.

  • Plugins and Extensions to go social: We all know finding and installing extensions in Joomla are time consuming; therefore, hiring an expert is the wise thing to publicize the ideas on social networking sites. With Joomla, it is easy to integrate social media platform to your website.

  • Joomla is not down or out: Wordpress is more popular than Joomla, but that does not mean the platform sharing 3% share of the world’s websites has been defeated. The modules and plugins to add financial features like simple calculator, currency converter, and mortgage calculator can give other CMS platforms a good fight.

The control panel of Joomla is pretty straightforward; it’s easy to make site adjustments. And multiple features and extensions to get feedbacks and other platforms on your website make it the unrivaled hero. Always considered as the best choice for e-commerce solution Joomla is as good as it was before.